Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our dedication to quality begins long before our floor plans are drafted and continues to long after you lay down a welcome mat.

Architecture & Engineering Excellence

We know quality assurance starts with the design of your home by working closely with our Designers, Architects, Engineers, and third-party Quality Control Consultants to design homes that not only meet all required building codes, but our high standards of quality.

Best in Class Builder Warranties

We take pride in the quality of our vendors and subcontractors; we stand behind their work throughout our 2-year limited Builder Warranty and 10-year Structural Warranty.

Peace of Mind

We are dedicated to an outstanding customer experience. We invite you to participate in our multiple Customer Meetings and Walk-Throughs with our Community Construction Managers. These include Start of Construction Meeting, Pre-Drywall Meeting, Orientation Walk-Through Meeting, and Acceptance Walk. Our standard is to have your home 100% finished for the Orientation Walk-Through, which is held approximately one week prior to closing.


We value transparency, that’s why we keep you informed and involved via on-going communication. Throughout the building process, our sales and construction team will update you weekly on the construction progress, while working to monitor, identify, and address challenges.

As a current BLVD Homeowner, if you have concerns about the quality of a feature in your home, please submit a Warranty Request.